Real Money Online Slots

Online slots have come a long way from the days of one-armed bandits being played in dingy Nevada saloons. Modern slots are sophisticated machines utilizing the latest in state-of-the-art technology to deliver a gaming experience that’s almost like going to the movies. Even the more basic real money video slots deliver animation and sound effects, while licensed titles feature video and audio clips from some of the leading figures in pop culture. For those who are new to the world of online slots, this article should give you an idea of what to expect. We’ll list the various kinds of slot machines you can play for real money, as well as features commonly found during gameplay. Once you’ve finished reading, your biggest decisions will be choosing a specific online casino and picking which game to play first.

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Popular Real Money Slots

Below you will find links to reviews of the most popular slot machine games. Not all of the games are available to USA players, but we have provided alternative casinos that do accept US players and offer real money slots similar to the ones you see below.

Playing Real Money Slots

If you are going to play slots for real money online, you will need to decide which payment method works best for you. Below you will find links to a variety of deposit pages. Each page outlines who to use that particular payment to fund your account, along with which casinos accept that payment. Check this page to find a complete list of the popular payment methods available to slot players.

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Types of Online Slot Machines

The following are the most common types of real money slots online. Most modern games will fall into multiple categories.

Video Slots - This is a slot machine where the reels are generated by a computer. All modern-day slot machines fall into this category, even the ones located in land-based casinos.

Multiplier Slots - One or more of the reels has a symbol that causes winnings to be multiplied. This could result in payouts being doubled, or it could rise as high as 5X, 10X, or even more.

Multiple Payline Slots - Real money slot machines with multiple lines to bet on. Each line is considered an individual bet, and players can spend a lot of money by playing the maximum number of paylines. Twenty paylines isn’t uncommon, and some games can rise as high as 100 or more. 

Bonus Game Slots - These are quite common at online casinos, and they draw in plenty of players with the opportunity to quickly win additional money. If the player hits a certain number of symbols, a bonus round will be triggered. These vary from slot to slot. Some ask the player to choose between several objects to win the prize hidden underneath, or they can be more complex affairs with advanced graphics and greater participation on behalf of the gamer.

Bonus Multiplier Slots - In addition to the added payout of a multiplier slot, this version also features a bonus symbol that may turn up on the reels and increase the winnings by an even larger amount.

Progressive Slots - When a bet is made on this type of slot machine, a portion of the wager is added to a jackpot. Over time, the jackpot gets progressively larger. In most cases, you’ll be able to track its progress by looking at a readout near the top of the slot machine. When the progressive jackpot is won, the payout will start over at a predetermined amount and begin to build again. Most slots will require a maximum bet in order to win progressives, although some are awarded at random.

Buy a Pay - These slot machines have multiple pay tables, and each coin played allows you access to an additional table. The more you pay, the better your chances of winning, which makes buy-a-pay slots some of the more expensive options at any casino. These are not commonly found at online casinos.

Multi-denomination Slots - Instead of wagering a fixed denomination of money, these slots allow you to choose the size of your bet. Some start at a penny and rise to $5, while others may go as high as $100. 

Features of Online Slots

In addition to the spinning reels and their winning combinations, most real money slots online also feature special items to help keep players interested and alert. The following are some of the more common items you can expect to find:

Free Spins - A number of spins that don’t cost the player anything. These are often triggered by getting a certain number of scatter symbols, and it’s common for winnings to be multiplied during free spins. Additional spins may also be won during this phase.

Gamble Feature - Popular in the United Kingdom, this feature allows you to gamble on your winnings by trying to choose whether a displayed card will come up black or red. If you’re successful, your money will usually double, while also guessing the suit can result in quadruple winnings. Losing, as you might have guessed, will cost you all your recent winnings.

Bonus Symbol - A specific symbol that serves to trigger a bonus feature. This could take the form of a bonus game, or it might be free spins.

Wild Symbol - These symbols can take the place of other symbols, much like the joker card in some games of poker. This provides a greater chance of putting together winning combinations.

Scatter Symbol - While other symbols have to fall in a certain sequence on the reels to result in a win, these symbols can be scattered about the screen and still deliver a payout.

Multiplier Symbol - These symbols increase the amount of a winning combination by the size of the multiplier.

Online slots are continually advancing in their sophistication and the size of payouts. Both online and land-based casinos rely on slot machines for the majority of their revenue, and this means they pay particular attention to the level of customer satisfaction. If you’re looking to try your hand at online gambling, slots are a perfect place to start.

Online Slots is essentially a game of chance. It is never possible to beat as online slots machine for real money. You can only try to be ahead of the machine. All spins on slots machines are random spins. Following tips can prove useful in a game of internet casino slots: Online Slots Real Money tips are below. For other info about slots, check out the slots wiki.

Always play your slots game according to your bankroll. Decide your bankroll well ahead of the game and play the highest denomination machine according to your bankroll limit. Dollar machines provide an average return of 95% while quarter machines return 93% and nickel machines return 90%.

Locate and identify loose machines in a casino. You can play for online slots real money with a little time at a slots machine to determine the machine type. Thereafter, you can continue your game at the machine if you are satisfied. Otherwise, quit the machine and shift to another.

Some machines advertise 95% to 99% payouts. Normally, these are higher denomination machines. Search for these machines before starting to play your game of Slots.

Flat rate machines offer better payouts. Random number generators produce higher number of spins and reels on progressive machines. Hence, flat rate machines play slower games and give you better payouts.

Play the maximum number of coins on each spin of a slot machine. This is a good money management technique of getting the best from a gambling slots machine. 

If you cannot play maximum coins on a slots machine for money, look for game formats offering balanced returns from the game. In other words, search for a machine offering the same returns for two played coins and is exactly double the best for one played coin from the other machine.

Try a $10 in a dollar machine to get ten pulls. If you lose, walk away after your ten spins. If you win something substantial, try to invest a part of your winnings and then try your luck again.

Quit the game while you are on a winning spree. Do not bet into the greed of continuously winning. Later, it will be winnings for the casino and not for you. You lose even whatever little you win while playing for real or for free cash.