Slots with the Best Payback

Finding slots with the best payback is one of the methods used by savvy gamblers to increase their winning percentage. Since each machine is pre-programmed to award a certain amount of money back to the customer, finding the “loose” slots provides a greater theoretical chance of walking away with money in your pocket. This does not, however, mean that you’ll win during each individual session. It should also be noted that casino slots will always have the edge, and no amount of mathematics or research will change that fact.

What is the Payout Percentage?

Before you can find the slots with the best payback, it’s helpful to know what a payout percentage is. If a slot machine has a payout percentage of 92%, for example, this means that 92% of the money wagered by the players will eventually be paid back to the customer. The rest will go to the casino. This is also known by the abbreviation RTP (“return to player”).

Casinos with 98% or Higher PayBack Slots!

This does not mean that the first $92 dollars you wager will be paid back to you. It is also known as a “theoretical payout percentage,” meaning the percentage expressed is for the lifetime of the machine. And thanks to the random number generator installed in each slot, every spin is totally independent of the last one.

The payout percentage is set at the factory when the slot is created. In order to change it, the software has to be replaced. In some jurisdictions, this can only be done when a representative of the Gaming Control Board is present.

Each state has laws that determine the minimum payback percentage for a slot machine. In Nevada, the minimum is 75%, while New Jersey requires all slots to pay at least 83%.

Traditional Casino Slots with the Best Payback

It should be noted that finding information on the payback percentage of specific slot machines is difficult. Casinos guard this information closely, and it can still change over time if the factory software is replaced. Most online information is either useless or nonexistent, although those who are serious can find reports in magazines such as Strictly Slots and Casino Player.

Some jurisdictions are required to report the average payback percentages for the fiscal year. While this won’t identify the top machines, it will give you an idea of where to start looking.

In Las Vegas, for example, the highest payback percentage can be found while playing quarter machines on the Boulder Strip. Their annual payback percentage was reported as 97.07%, which also happens to be the largest reported payback in the United States during this period.

Online Slots with the Best Payback

Numerous sites will claim to list payback information for online casinos, but a closer look will often reveal that these same sites are affiliates for the casinos they’re promoting. This means they’ll make money if you click on their ads and spend money at these casinos. It also means that they’re likely to lie in order to get you to become a customer. For this reason, I’m highly suspicious of any data claiming to identify the online slots with the best payback percentage.

One thing’s for sure, though: the average return for online slots tends to be higher than that of their land-based counterparts. The reason can be summed up with one word: overhead. It costs far less to operate an online casino, so they don’t need to rake in as much money to pay thousands of waitresses, valets, and blackjack dealers.

Tracking down slots with the best payback can be an exhaustive process. And just because one machine is set with a more generous payout percentage when it leaves the factory floor, that doesn’t mean it can’t be altered by the casino at some point in the future. This is where word-of-mouth comes in handy, so I suggest subscribing to a robust forum such as Casinomeister for the latest updates on slots from fellow players across the country. If you want to beat the casino, you’ll need to use every tool at your disposal.