American Express Casinos

Amex casinos accept American Express as a form of deposit. While these casinos may not be as common as those accepting Visa or Mastercard, there are still enough choices to bewilder the beginning online gambler. That’s where this article comes in handy, as we’ll examine the various methods of payment using American Express, as well as offer a few suggestions for where to play.

Advantages of Amex Casinos

If you use a casino that accepts American Express, you can expect deposits to get completed within an instant. Their processing fees are low, and you’ll be able to make your transaction with the assurance of having one of the top companies in the world on your side. And while Mastercard refuses to allow winnings to be withdrawn to their cards, American Express is actually easy to work with.

The only real disadvantage to using Amex casinos is that not all gaming establishments accept them. There’s also a $5,000 limit on deposits made to online casinos at any one time, so high rollers may feel constrained.  

Online Casinos Accepting American Express

While Amex casinos aren’t as common as Mastercard or Visa, there are still enough out there to provide customers with an array of choices. If you don’t know where to start, I’ve provided a few quality sites that specialize in major slots action.

Casinos Accepting American Express - BetOnline Casino

From craps and video poker to slots and roulette, BetOnline has games to meet all your gambling needs. Daily slots tournaments are held, plus regular slots players can get up to $3,000 to try their favorite games. Additional payment options include eCheck, money transfer, Mastercard & Visa.

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Casinos Accepting American Express - Sportsbetting Casino

Powered by Betsoft, this casino boasts $900 cash in bonuses with the same bonus available on all deposits. Customer service is provided 24/7, and banking options include major credit cards,cash transfer, and Echeck.

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When talking about credit cards, there’s no more reliable name than American Express. Established in 1850, it is one of the most recognizable brands in the world and worth over $14 billion. When you make an online deposit with Amex, you can rest assured that the transaction will go through without a hitch. 

There are four types of American Express cards available: green, gold, platinum, and black. Green is the most basic version, while the Centurion Card (their black card) targets wealthy customers and carries an annual membership fee of $2,500 and a one-time fee of $5,000.

Getting accepted for an American Express card isn’t as easy as Visa or Mastercard. This makes it more exclusive and defines its customers as affluent individuals living by a higher standard. Slots players are often seeking higher standards, as well, along with top payouts and a variety of games. Amex casinos are a perfect blending of these two desires.