PayPal Online Casinos

Paypal online casinos allow deposits and withdrawals via the most popular e-commerce service on the planet. Originally formed after a merger between and Confinity, Paypal was purchased in 2002 by eBay for $1.5 billion. But that price tag has proved a bargain for the auction giant, as Paypal has continued to grow in popularity and is slowly becoming a force in the world of online gambling.

Which Online Casinos Accept Paypal Deposits?

Paypal is a reputable company, so don’t expect them to allow transfers to casino accounts in nations where online gambling is considered illegal. This rules out the United States, unfortunately, but Paypal is going strong in the United Kingdom and other, more gaming-friendly, countries.

Since online gambling establishments can change their affiliations from time to time, it’s always a good idea to personally check with a site before assuming they’ll accept a specific type of deposit method. All you have to do is visit the casino, click on the tab marked “banking” or “cashier,” and you’ll be presented with all the options for deposits and withdrawals.

And just in case you’re wondering, here are my favorite online casinos to accept Paypal:

888 - An online casino and poker room offering up to $1,400 on your first deposit. Comp points are awarded to frequent players, and numerous other promotions are offered throughout the year.

Ladbrokes - A massive online casino from the UK, Ladbrokes offers a 100% match bonus, free money when you sign up, and live betting on your iPhone.

Prestige - Once you sign up, you’ll have access to $1,500 worth of free money for one hour. There’s also a welcome bonus, first and second deposit bonuses, and even added cash when you use select deposit methods.

Euro Grand - There are bonuses galore at this online casino. They include extra money for high rollers, a $500 bonus on second deposits, 15% bonus when depositing with PayPal, and a $50 loyalty bonus when referring a friend.

Advantages of Using Paypal

Since Paypal is the number one source for online payments, it’s bound to have a number of advantages associated with it. First of all, it’s free to sign up for a Paypal account. While other payment methods may charge a monthly or annual fee, there’s no such hassle with Paypal.

Paypal customers can also rest assured when it comes to security. The site uses the latest safeguards and encryptions, and payments can be made without revealing any credit card or banking information.

If you verify your identity with Paypal, you’ll be able to withdraw an unlimited monthly amount to your bank account or by check. If you choose the latter option, it may take up to 14 days to receive payment through the mail. I suggest the banking option, as that only takes 5 to 7 days, and there’s no chance that your money is going to get lost en route. Unverified members can withdraw a maximum of $500 per month.

Since it’s a global phenomenon, Paypal is accepted in a variety of nations. They also deal in over 23 kinds of currency, from U.S. dollars to the Swedish kroner.

Lastly, payments though Paypal are made instantly. There’s no waiting around for approval: just type in the other person’s email, click send, and the payment will happen in a flash.

Signing Up for Paypal

In order to take advantage of Paypal’s free sign-up, you’ll need to provide a link to your bank account, credit card, or a debit card. That’s about all the effort required, which is one of the primary reasons why Paypal is so popular in the age of the Internet.

Thanks to the company’s convenience and strong reputation around the world, it’s no surprise that so many Paypal online casinos are available to the public. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you’ll be able to transfer or withdraw funds, allowing you to use your extra time for more important things…like spending more time at the slots.