Visa Online Casinos

Visa online casinos don’t hesitate to accept the world’s leading credit card as a method of deposit. The same goes for prepaid Visa cards, and a number of other options offered by the financial giant. The name Visa has been around since 1975, and their international acceptance and solid reputation make them a primary choice when it comes to online casino accounts.

Best Online Casinos Using Visa

If you visit a sampling of the leading online gambling institutions, you’ll find that all of them accept Visa as a means of depositing funds into casino accounts. This gives players an almost unlimited number of choices, although I suggest the following: Casino Titan, Loco Panda, Win Palace, and Grand Parker. Not only do these casinos accept Visa, but they also offer generous bonuses, a wide range of games, and superior customer service.

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Which Types of Visa Cards Are Accepted at Casinos?

Since it’s the biggest credit card company in the world, Visa has a number of card options for their customers. Depending on your choice of casino and where you live, some or all of these may be a viable option for depositing or withdrawing funds.

Prepaid Visa Cards - Unlike traditional debit cards that are tied into your bank account, prepaid Visa cards allow you to load a certain amount of cash onto the card for the purchase of goods and services. Once that amount has been used up, you’ll be unable to use the card again until more money has been added.

Visa Debit - Linked to your bank account, this Visa card allows transactions to be made immediately. Unlike prepaid cards, however, you may be able to overdraw on your debit card up to a certain amount. If you tend to gamble with your heart instead of your head, you may want to stick with the prepaid option.

Visa Credit Cards - The most recognized credit card on the planet, and the default option for most people. If you fail to pay off your monthly balance, however, you’ll be slapped with an interest rate that can lead to credit card debt.

Visa Business - A more exclusive version of the Visa credit card, it provides a number of discounts and special offers for its users. There are also higher transaction limits. If you’re a high roller looking to do some online gambling, this may be a suitable option for deposits.

Visa payWave - It may not do you any good at an online casino, but I still wanted to mention this advancement in credit card technology. With this innovation, you simply wave your card in front of a sensor to instantly make your purchase. It might be several years off, but I imagine we’ll see a day when you can wave your card in front of your PC screen for similar results.

Visa Cards and U.S. Players

Thanks to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006, most reputable banking institutions will no longer accept transactions from online gambling institutions. But even before this law was passed, credit card companies were growing squeamish about such business, as less scrupulous players would charge funds to the casino, lose, and then report their credit card as stolen.

Even a number of international casinos will no longer issue withdrawals back to credit cards. While they’re happy to take deposits from such sources, you’ll need to get eWallet account or prepaid debit card in order to bring home your winnings.

Since they have branch offices across the globe, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a location that doesn’t accept Visa. While it’s not as prestigious as American Express, Visa remains the default option for most people wanting a credit or debit card. In 2009, for example, they took part in over 62 billion transactions worth an estimated $4.4 trillion. Visa online casinos are almost as easy to find, although withdrawals will often need to be done through another source.