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Lord of the Rings Slot

Lord of the Rings slot machines have been in-demand ever since the release of the hit films from Peter Jackson. When discussing a Lord of the Ring slot, however, it’s important to remember that two major versions exist: one for online casinos and one for land-based players. This Lord of the Rings slot review will examine each one, making sure to list all the cool features available. It's also important to note that both versions are only available as a real money slot. You can not play Lord of the Rings slot machines for free.

Lord of the Rings Slot from WMS

Developed by WMS for land-based casinos, this Lord of the Rings slot machine features an immersive experience filled with generous clips from the movies and a total of eight bonus features. The longer you play the game, the more miles you’ll accumulate on your journey toward Mordor. And as the miles being to add up, you’ll be able to choose from even more bonus games. Another unique feature is the ability of the player to create a log-in and continue their progress from session to session.

Screenshots from the new Lord of the Rings slot

Lord of the Rings Slot  Lord of the Rings Slot


The eight bonus rounds include the following: Garden Heist, Gandalf’s Fireworks, Arwen’s Rescue, the Balrog, Uruk-Hai Battle Bonus, Galadriel’s Stairway, the Prancing Pony, and Isildur’s Sword. You’ll begin the game with only two, Gandalf’s Fireworks and Garden Heist. The former awards 8 free spins with up to 125X the winning line, while the latter requires you to choose vegetables from a garden and receive the associated coin value. While the beginning two bonus rounds are simple, some of the other options require more player participation and can lead to greater paydays.

Lord of the Rings Slot from Microgaming

If online slots are your passion, then you’ll want to check out the Lord of the Rings slot from Microgaming. This progressive slot is filled with characters from the movie, including Frodo, Aragorn, Gandalf, Gimli, and Legolas. In addition to the symbols on the reels, LOTR fans will also be treated to numerous high-definition clips from the first film in the series.

The game features four progressive jackpots, and the screen that determines which one you‘ll win appears randomly during gameplay. First you’ll be taken to a screen with a massive wheel divided by Sauron’s eye and Saruman’s tower. Choose one of the two, and then watch as the wheel begins to spin. It will eventually land on one of the following:

  • Bronze Progressive - Begins at 10 coins.
  • Silver Progressive - Begins at 100 coins.
  • Gold Progressive - Begins at 10,000 coins.
  • Mithril Progressive - Begins at 1 million coins.

You’ll then be awarded that progressive prize, and the game will resume normal play. Also, the progressive you just won will reset to its minimum value and begin to build again.

Each spin includes 243 ways to win, and there are wild symbols and free spins to help you along the way. Also keep an eye out for Gollum, who may show up and reward you with gifts or try to steal your precious ring.

Fans of epic fantasy tend to hold the LOTR novels in high regard, and it’s no surprise that serious gamers feel the same way about the Lord of the Rings slot machines. If you like to win money and be entertained by magical storytelling at the same time, then grab your sword and wallet and make the perilous journey to the casino of your choice.

History of The Lord of the Rings

The three books that comprise the Lord of the Rings trilogy were written by British professor J.R.R. Tolkien from 1937 to 1949. Once completed, the volumes were then released over the course of a year from 1954 to 1955. The novels were an immediate success, and they have endured over the decades thanks to adaptations ranging from radio to theatre.

The first film adaptation, “The Fellowship of the Ring,” was released to critical and box office success in 2001. Directed by Peter Jackson, it earned over $870 million at theatres and won four Academy Awards. The subsequent releases were even more successful, bringing the total box office revenue for The Lord of the Rings series to over $2 billion. The final release, “The Return of the King,” won all 11 Oscars that it was nominated for, including Best Director and Best Picture.